Über mich

geboren und aufgewachsen in KapfenbergBesuch eines Gymnasiums, nach der Matura Übersiedelung nach Graz und Beginn eines Medizinstudiums;Ausbildung zur biomedizinischen Analytikerin1990-1995 als BMA am Universitätsklinikum Graz tätig --1995 Übersiedelung mit meinem damaligen Lebensgefährten nach Wien----1997 Geburt meines Sohnes Markus---1998 Rückkehr nach Graz und Beginn meiner "malerischen Laufbahn" ; Aneignung diverser Techniken durch Kurse, Workshops,Seminare----.Seit 2001 wieder (teilzeitig) als BMA am Uniklinikum Graz tätig------seit 2007 eigenes Atelier-----seit 2014 Mitglied der  BVBK (Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs/Steiermark).


Martina Hartusch is an experienced Austrian artist based in Graz. 

She primarily creates abstract paintings with high quality acrylic paints and natural pigments. 

As fascinated by structure and haptic she often uses additional material such as sands,papers or various collage elements (mixed media technique),so her works become a special and unique style. Depending on the material used,her works are divided into different series: 

C-series (= Color-series): Acrylic paint on canvas 

SC-series (= Structure and Color-series) : mixed media on canvas 

SMC-series (=Structure-Mono_Color-series): mixed media and primarily one color 

Although most of her work is abstract, there are some realistic landscape works (most notably the sea(side) paintings) which are also well received by various art jurors; with her painting SC_57_“The supreme good is harmony of the soul“ she became a finalist (among 4 other artists) for the Global Art Award 2020 in Shanghai. 

Furthermore she received some quality certificates and honorable mention awards for several paintings (like SC_92_Tortuga marina“  or MC_3_Through discipline comes freedom). 

Like many other artists she gets inspiration for her work largely from nature – even her abstract paintings are based on natural phenomena. Martina Hartusch is an artist with nationl exposure (numerous exhibitions in Graz,Styria,Vienna) and is member of the Austrian Artist Association BVBK.

 But she was also internationally represented in group exhibitions (eg Italy and New York). 

Her works have already found collectors all over the world (Japan,Taiwan,India,UK,US,EU). 

Artist Statement: Painting is my way of dealing with the world, a mirror of my being in this world, a kind of meditation and a source of strength for everyday life. 

1965 born and raised in Kapfenberg,Austria 1983 move to Graz where she begins her studies in medicine specialized in medical laboratory work 1989 Degree of Sciences in Health Studies for Laboratory work 1995 move to Vienna 1997 birth of a child 2000 return to Graz and decision to devote herself to painting 2007 renting a studio 2014 first solo exhibition in Graz 2014 becomes member of Artist association BVBK Participation in many group exhibitions follow 2018 Solo exhibition in Graz 2019 Group exhibition in Torino (Italy) 2023 Group exhibition in NY (S&V Gallery) Selling of works through Singulart.com and Saatchiart.com




Martina Hartusch is based in Graz,Austria.  Born and raised in Kapfenberg, she moves to Graz in 1983 where she begins her studies in medicine and medical laboratory work.  1989 she graduates with a degree of Sciences in Health Studies for lab work.    In 1995 she moves to Vienna, where her son Markus is born in 1997.    In Vienna she has great opportunity to visit museums and exhibitions of national and international artists. Fascinated by surrealisme she first begins drawing with pencils and coal and paints with watercolors.  Workshops in painting with acrylic colors follow.   By watching lots of videos about artists giving an insight in their lives and artistic work, she gets inspired for her own creative work.    In 2007 she decides to rent a studio.Visiting an exhibition of Gerhard Richter she gets flashed by his abstract paintings,which influence her for a long working-period.  In the past years her works become more haptic by utilizing sands,putty masses,papers and other materials, focusing structure and surfaces ( often reminding of landscapes).




Her first solo-exhibition takes place in 2014 ( Galerie 69 in Graz)

Many collective-exhibitions with BVBK (Berufsverband der bildenden Künstler Österreichs- an artists association of Austria),which she is member of since 2014 follow:


-2015: 14.3.-22.3.    :   Papierfabrik, Graz

            29.4. - 31.5. :  Galerie Modern/ Schloss Piber

            17.9.- 27.9.  :  Schlossberg ,Graz


-2016:  10.5.- 18.6. :   Galerie Domenig, Vienna

             1.5. -  29.5. :  Galerie Modern, Schloss Piber

             21.9.- 2.10.:   Schlossberg, Graz

             29.12.- 8.1.:   Künstlerhaus, Graz


-2017:  28.4.- 28.5. :   Galerie Modern, Piber 


-2018:   1.2. - 30.3. :   Galerie LKH-Südwest, Graz (Solo-exhibition)

             20.9.-30.9.:    Schlossberg Graz

             6.10.- 21.10.:  Zisterzienserstift, Rein


-2019:   14.9.- 5.10. :  Museo Internazionale Italia Arte, Turin,Italy

             18.9 - 29.9.:   Schlossberg, Graz


-2020: Teilnahme am Global Art Award Shanghai (mit SC_57 unter den letzten 5 Finalisten)

-2021: Schlossberg Graz ("In Zeiten wie diesen")

-2022; Deutschfeistritz ("Hot Nights")

             Galerie Uptown Art Graz (Collective Exhibition)

-2023: New York: "Pluralities in Pictures" (Collective Exhibition/ Saphira&Ventura Gallery,NY)

            New York:" Intuitive Dialogues"  (Collective Exhibition/ Saphira&Ventura Gallery; NY)